Working towards a nation in which education is enjoyed by all

The Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development is a national movement whose goal is to end the educational limits of poverty.


We are a youth run organization that give scholarships to brilliant and vulnerable children.


We recognize that our students are part of a larger macrocosm. Therefore, we aim to brighten their future and the future of their communities. This has been achieved by collaborating with We Care Solar and Princeton University to impart at least seventy students with knowledge in renewable energy since inception of the program.

This inspired students like Peter Chomba, who invented a novel multipurpose brazier, four times more efficient than a standard brazier allowing for one to simultaneously cook, warm water, and bake, winning him a $30,000 research grant. This invention is in the process of commercialization with the assistance of academic and industry experts. Furthermore, we installed two solar suitcase units, at Open Arms and Messiah Community Schools which cater for 400 and 300 students respectively. These units, the largest built so far by We Care Solar will provide a reliable power source in midst of the endemic power loadshedding currently faced in Zambia.


Our Sustainable Energy Program trains students in solar technology, contributing to the illumination of off-grid households via solar home lighting systems.

Collaborating with We Care Solar and Princeton University - at least seventy students have been imparted with knowledge in renewable energy since inception of the program.

Our Internship Program allows candidates with interests in tutoring, coaching, computer science, and solar technology to gain experience in fields of sustainable development.

ZISD has established a world class media center aimed at providing a sustainable source of income for the Institute.

Interns exposing students to current information on technologies that include web development, mobile development, networking, robotics, and other areas of computer science and communications.

In 2015, we continued working with The Africa Channel in Hollywood producing world class shows such as Top Zambia, My Lusaka and 30 Minutes Tour.

News and Media.

The Institute offers need based merit scholarships to underprivileged high school students with excellent academic credentials.

Conference talks about sustainability.

Education Conference

Mr. Chiluwata Lungu (Founder and Chairman of ZISD), Mr. Andy Bryant (Executive Director of Segal Family Foundation), Mr. Peter Lungu ( and Executive Director of ZISD)